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Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong or Wat Chaitharam (official name) is an ancient and famous temple of Phuket located in Muang district, Phuket city, only 8 kilometers from the city. Many travellers come

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Chasing the dolphins or incredible closer Have you ever had a dream? No, seriously…Big or small, it doesn’t matter now. I am sure you have. Just like everybody else. I,

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One of the world’s most famous dive sites is truly quite spectacular. Made up of a group of nine islands, it offers some of the best known dive sites anywhere.

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Superseding expectations

When you are an experienced traveller and visited all the possible excursions you might find it a bit troublesome. Been there, done that. You’ve introduced yourself to all the best

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The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha or Pra-put-tha-ming-mong-kol-nark-ki-ri (official name) is a giant image of the Lord Buddha in white marble located on Nark-gerd National Conversation Forest area. Phuket people call him “Pra-yai”

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