Chasing the dolphins or incredible closer Have you ever had a dream? No, seriously…Big or small, it doesn’t matter now. I am sure you have. Just like everybody else. I, for example, wanted to touch a dolphin. Silly, impractical, I know-I know, but that was my dream. I remember one family trip to the sea. We took a boat to the island and then walked about 40 min through the heat and deserted sand to get to the other side where the open sea was. The dolphins came so close to the shore that day, that it seemed I could catch it’s smooth tail if I move a little bit further and more… It was playing with me, with that naive hopeful girl. Humans can’t run faster than dolphins swim. Even in the shallow waters…I’ve been living on Phuket for 3 years by now. And the only time I saw dolphins was during my recent excursion to Maiton island. We were driving through the greenery of the magnificently beautiful Panwa area. Somehow that region of the beloved island was always bringing me that meditative calmness. There is something in those low tides and hilly landscapes hugged by the bays. The pier we were heading to was no less special. A cozy boutique style cafe with the whispering waves below, tall airy ceilings and creative lamps above. The walk along the pier itself was short and crowned by the blooming flowers. The catamaran we boarded was spaciously white and very much inviting. The other part of the group has disappeared into the coziness of the front deck, while me and my friend remained watching the foamy waves on our turned-out-to-be-private “sofa” at the back. These sea watching conversations in a good company are never too long, but we’ve arrived to our first destination really soon. While some other marine travelers were struggling with unsolvable dilemma “to get or not to get wet”, we were already exploring the beauty of the underwater life with my fellow mermaid. Snorkeling was particularly remarkable this time, as I have encountered several new, impressive for my amateur self species, such as triangular shaped funny monster, enormous amount of sea urchins and cucumbers along with the prevailing medium sized tropical-birds-like colorful fish. The most unusual thing that I have literally bumped into was a cloud of jellyfish sort of creatures, who have revealed their sparkling nature at a closer look. If you’ve been staying in Thailand for at least several days, you might have seen some soft drinks with tube-shaped icicles in it..Those beings were the same. Transparent and tender in their elongated roundish bodies, hollow inside…Some were completely empty, some were half cut or wounded, still floating by, as if nothing has happened to them. But some were absolutely mesmerizing, I assume those were the closest ones to the factory settings..I couldn’t believe it at first, but my friend has confirmed it later on too…They were shining!! They did have a little tiny light bulb in the very core of their being, and it seemed they could regulate or control the switch button, because even in the mid of the bright day one could easily see them shining on the surface of the ocean. Just like the rest of us in humanity. Spreading the Light be it day or night…I can only dream about how unforgettable it would be to swim between those enlightened little ones after the sun has set down to rest. On the way to the pearl of the day, Maiton island, we did see the dolphins. Just their curved backs and fins..Everything as the Captain had promised. The island was creatively warm, private and fully equipped. Think about it, they even had a helipad next to the beach!! The sea had all the impossible colors that we could leisurely watch from our thoughtfully provided “chaise longue-s”. The sand was tenderly kissing the feet with it’s soft crispiness. And I did merge myself in heavenly pure water several times pretending to be a mermaid on vacation. Having come back to my grounded self, I’ve noticed the crabs crawling around shells and corals as if nothing has ever bothered them in life. Of course, all that was just an appetizer. The main freshly made dishes along with creative barbecues and other delicacies were there to impress our pretentious taste-buds after we’ve had enough of at-the-beach activities. Another beautiful day has come to it’s logical sunset palette in the skies. We were heading back to another paradise like reality. Little bit more sun tanned. Little bit more content with the way life is. And if you feel slightly odd because the old dreams have all came true and the new ones are not rushing in…Have a little dream of chasing some dolphins on the way to Maiton island. You would like it. Really-really, you would.