The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha or Pra-put-tha-ming-mong-kol-nark-ki-ri (official name) is a giant image of the Lord Buddha in white marble located on Nark-gerd National Conversation Forest area. Phuket people call him “Pra-yai” and foreigners call him “Big Buddha”. Here is a place for visiting and you can get here by motorcycle or car, drive to Chalong area and go inside a small road name “Soi-yod-sa-ney” is on the right side if you drive on “Jao-faa-nork” road and the way to the big Buddha.

On the way, there are view points for photos. When you reach the hill, you will see a giant marble image of the Lord Buddha size 25.45 meters across at the base and 45 meters high decoration by white marble from Burma, 135 tons of weight marble and name “Pra-pud-tha-mong-kol-ake-nark-ki-ri” have been given by the Buddhist supreme patriarch of the Buddhist priests on 19 August, 2008. Now a monastery is under construction right at the top to make beautiful, shady for relaxing and meditation.