Superseding expectations

When you are an experienced traveller and visited all the possible excursions you might find it a bit troublesome. Been there, done that. You’ve introduced yourself to all the best snorkeling spots and islands, though the love to Thailand exploration keeps you restless…What to do? The answer is simple. Go to Surin islands!

Surin islands are situated little bit up to the North, after popular Similan islands. All the 9 wonderful Similan islands of the natural preservation area and Tachai island are beautiful and full of nature. Those are being visited during the majority of the trips that regular adventure seekers take. But lately they are slowly loosing their remoteness and, therefore, the charm of the wild uninhabited nature, which is still blooming and blossoming in Surin Islands.

The way doesn’t take long time, after minivan picked you up from the hotel and brought to the pier Sea Star company is offering a nice breakfast with common thai dishes and sweets to complement your morning coffee or tea. A comfortable speed boat, accompanied by experienced crew, including English speaking guide, is heading towards the islands. On the way we had one snorkeling arrangement, so all the brave ones have put their gear on and jumped into the unknown waters for the new discoveries. And discoveries were plenty. Snorkeling in Thailand can hardy be disappointing, yet this one was truly something special!! The coral reef we’ve stopped at had unseen before shapes and colors for me. From tender purple to indigo blue and flexible red…The colorful fish big and small in size, innumerable in shapes and forms were floating underneath…And all I could think about was “What a beauty!!How come they are so astonishingly beautiful?!” Trying to find the right words to describe the unimaginable pure astonishment of mine I often see the words are not enough. And yet, I keep trying, already 2 weeks after the trip has passed and I am still encouraging my friends to follow my example and explore…Those schools of blackish red carrying the dignity of the breed. The chameleonic green-blue-yellow fellows, nibbling the underwater rocks. Impressive black and yellow cuties with elongated fins. Bulky spotted brownish hunters with massive jews and teeth sticking out. Adorable “Nemo’s”, playing in the moving corals or algae. As if the most talented impressionist artists have gathered together to create that panoramic pano below the sea level. We’ve had a second chance to indulge that “gallery” watching, from a different spot later.

Another short ride and we are already at the steadily sandy land. We were walking along the path, leading through natural water resource, surrounded by never-aging lianas on the powerfully high trees of Banyan. Our delicious lunch was so well prepared that I, personally, took an extra plate with additional culinary pleasures. Speaking about adds-on, we even had special thai style milk green teas and late variations, sweetened up by eclairs and cakes on the side! I would never expect that in the marine excursion. So tasty! But we had to make an effort of will power and enjoy the beach for a while. Actually, I’m glad we did, because how would we know otherwise about the tender touch of the creamy white sand, under the mango tree shade? Would we believe in the transparent azurity of the sea, had somebody shown us the pictures from their wonderful excursion? Probably, not. Swaying on the beach swings we were drinking our healthy cold green tea+ decorative watermelon piece and taking pictures to remember: certain things go beyond your expectations.

On the way back we’ve had one more stop for snorkeling and everybody was anticipating it, remembering the previous adventures of the day. This world was the most peculiar, thanks to the abrupt change of the bottom structure, giving the chill and excitement at the same time. Looking into abyss. Following the distant rays of light deeper and balancing on the verge of well-hidden fear and openly expressed curiosity. The corals on the shallow part, next to the abyss were also surprising us with the unexplainable shapes of existence.

It’s great to explore the world, to discover new places and get acquainted with the unusual species of nature. Even better when your expectations about certain places are not only met, but also superseded. And this is how it happened to me with Surin Island.