Ват Чалонг

Wat Chalong or Wat Chaitharam (official name) is an ancient and famous temple of Phuket located in Muang district, Phuket city, only 8 kilometers from the city. Many travellers come to make worship and make merit here for their prosperity.

— Than Jao Wat (The Principle of the Buddha image) – is an ancient image of Wat Chalong in the past time. Before moving him here, there were two statues of an elderly gentleman call “Ta-Kee-Lek” in sitting style with carried a metal tube on the left side and state of giant call “Nin-Si” on the right side.

— Luang Por Cham – is well known about his magic power ad virtue in period of Ang-Yee (Chinese society) and the story of his magic staff could fade away the mole and birthmark.Moreover, there are two more important images of Luang Por Chuang and Luang Por Gleum who were respectable for the villagers and both of them were popular about compounding herbal medicine that cured diseases.Even if they had passed away for long time, however the people still go to make worship and vow when they are in trouble.

Their statutes are located in the hall and there are many travellers who come to visit them, Thai or foreigners.

— Pra Jom Thai Braramee stupa — is the place to keep a splinter of Lord Buddha’s born after move from Sri Lanka for all Buddhists and his bone is kept in a clear glass room on the top of the pagoda for everyone to see and make worship to him. The temple has provided an area and a set of altar table, chanting book with translation with translation.

— The model of monk’s residence – was built in Thai style and contained by three statutes : Luang Por Cham, Luang Por Chuang and Luang Por Gleum and other utensils.The visitors will always hear the sound of firecrackers as this is made by people who come to make a thank you when their wishes were archived.There are also some favorable objects for people who make worship available at the pavilion of altar offering.After visiting the temple, we wish you all to have good luck and happiness and successful for the future.