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Property Phuket Law is a professional collaboration of Rawai Interlaw Co. Ltd, Losnilo Company Limited, Woodoo Property Co., and BuyRentPhuket is legal service provider that assists many international and local corporate clients. Our principle is to provide clients with top quality and real-world assistance in order to minimize legal risk and maximize our client’s profit. Our legal services are in the area of ​​corporate, real estate, employment, intellectual property, tax and other regulatory compliances. Currently, we have clients in various industries including insurance, sustainable energy, real estate, transportation service, NGO, food and beverage, engineering and construction, painting material manufacturer, etc. We also work with our partners who have extensive experiences in property valuation, financial analysis, accounting and auditing services. Our attorneys have various legal expertise in both domestic and cross border transactions. Moreover, we committed ourselves to deliver practical advice / assistance in timely manner with reasonable cost. Background of the Office Property Phuket Law providing legal services to both domestic and foreign clients. We provide services to individuals, corporations, individuals and organizations. Under the guideline of service quality and straightforward. To reduce the legal risk and to maximize benefits to clients, whether legal or commercial. Currently, we provide many legal services such as: Partnership, land, labor, intellectual property Taxes, including advice to the customer’s business, are in accordance with the rules of the regulator or the relevant government agencies. Today, we have a wide range of businesses ranging from insurance, clean energy, real estate, transportation, nonprofit organizations (NGOs), food and beverage, civil engineering, paint manufacturers, etc. We also have business partners who specialize in accounting, auditing, tax assessment. Property price and financial status Property Phuket Law (Group of Companies) legal advisor has extensive legal experience, including domestic and international transactions. We also strive to provide advice / service. It can be used effectively and benefit the business of the customer. Under time and cost reasonable.